Sunday, May 27, 2007


Saturday Sky
It was a beautiful day and it is hard to imagine that winter will be here next week.

The 2007 Certificate Spinning class was on today. The girls were having a dyeing day. As I was not required, I went to dog obedience class with Chloe (Ern came along to have a look and a laugh)! Chloe found it difficult to concentrate .... "now where is he" I could hear her say !!

In the past I have enjoyed participating in different swaps. This is something that we do because we enjoy it. Most times you receive your parcel from your swap partner and sometimes you don't !! That is the risk you take, especially when participating in an overseas swap.

Over the past few months I have participated in several swaps:-

Aussie Knitters "one skein and a choice of three"
I sent to Frances in Adelaide some dark blue fingerless gloves, handspun wool and a lovely (well I thought so) knitting book.

Last week I received my parcel from Brigite in Townsville. She sent a lovely beanie, but not just a beanie! It was made from using 2 yarns together of Patons Jet (30% alpaca 70% wool) and Moda Vera Butterfly (nylon, merino wool and acrylic). It really is beautiful. Brigite also sent a lovely pair of gloves made from some of the leftover Jet, a baby knitting pattern book and 3 cakes of beautiful handmade soap that she made herself. Brigite is a very talented lady. I will definitely be wearing the beanie and gloves when I travel by public transport into the city this winter.

SP10 Swap
This is a current Swap. I am sending to Chooi wah in Malaysia. I sent her a parcel in April. Apart from handspun wool and aussie souveniers, I also included a felting book and some beautiful handpainted commercial tops which Chooi wah could use to felt. She said that she was pleased with what was sent. Last week, I sent her a parcel which included her May and June gifts (well, it is nearly June!!). I hope she likes the contents of them.

My secret SP10 pal has emailed me saying that my April parcel is on its way, and perhaps it would have been quicker for her to travel and personally deliver it rather than sending it. Well that's snail mail for you .......

One Skein Swap
This was a very interesting swap in April. We had to raid our stash and exchange 100gm of fibre (it could have been anything ..... acrylic, wool etc etc). With the acrylic fibre I received I knitted a LONG LONG sidesway scarf.

I sent my oh so soft fibre to Mitchigan, but as yet I haven't received it back knitted into something really exciting.

Towards the end of the swap there was a lot of flaming on the yahoo group and it was becoming quite unpleasant. Then the yahoo group abruptly ceased.

In General About Swaps
As I said, sometimes you receive and sometimes you don't. But never be disheartened and say that you will never participate again. In future I will gladly participate in swaps. These are friends that we are yet to meet via a swap.

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Sue H said...

I'm so glad you received your package from Brigite. I won't receive mine for some time yet as my spoiler didn't finish it before she went to the US for a holiday. That's fine though, at least she let me know.
My SP10 is sending me just one package, and she says it's almost ready, so I'm looking forward to that. I sent mine a book from her wish list, and will be sending her another next week. Her parcel is almost ready to go too, with yarn from Bendigo, tea from T2, Tims Tams (of course) and violet crumble and polly waffle. I'm also hoping to get a copy of Yarn magazine as well as some candle melts.
I also participated in ISE4. I have yet to receive my scarf, but it only closed this week. My scarf was sent and received some weeks ago.
I do enjoy taking part in swaps, and having to think what to make for my "pal".