Sunday, June 03, 2007

The First Week of Winter

Saturday looked as though it was going to be stormy. But no rain. Chloe completed her "Juvenile - Advanced" dog obedience class and was awarded her certificate. We, the dog handlers didn't receive a Certificate ...... !! sob sob

It has been a busy week. On Monday I went along to a bead jewellery class and made a lovely handbag charm.

Wednesday I went into the Handweavers and Spinners Guild of Victoria. The Bendigo Spinning group came to visit our rooms. I had a table of different bombyx and tussah silk products .... you name it, and I think I have it! There were also silk skeins and some completed silk items.

The Bendigo group wanted me to show them how to do a 'Fibre Sandwich". They brought along 50gm of fibre and with the fibre that I provided we created a sandwich. We layered the different fibres and after we divided the sandwich, portions were placed in paperbags and distributed to the participants. We had a lot of fun and the ladies enjoyed themselves.

Doctor's appointment on Thursday - got the results of a bowel cancer test - negative !! hooray !!

On Friday it was back into the Guild rooms. I was on office duty. It was also Joybelle's day where Jan showed us how to knit with wire, fancy yarn and beads. We were suppose to make a braclet but I didn't like mine and redid it when I got home. However, my braclet turned into a brooch!!

My SP10 Swap partner Chooi wah in Malaysia emailed me to say that she received her parcel. This was a 3 month swap, however, I sent her a parcel in April and then sent her a combined parcel for May and June. My own swap partner said she liked that idea and is doin the same for me.

On the knitting scene I have been knitting some scarves for KOGO "Knit One, Give One" charity. When you travel on public transport you seem to get a lot of knitting done.


Heatherly said...

hope your winter is better than ours was. instead of 100" of rain, we got 48". yikes! and the heat is about to hit. :-P

hurray on the negative cancer tests!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a very busy week.
Your second and third parcel will be out by the end of this week and I am praying that the first one finally finds its way to you!

Your SP 10 Pal

Sue H said...

So glad you got the all clear on that test.
I too am knitting for KOGO.