Saturday, October 23, 2010


My lovely Mum has just celebrated her 80th Birthday.

Now everyone who knows me had better sit down for this ....... Ern and I actually were able to celebrate it with her.  OK, so what does that mean?  I live in Melbourne and Mum lives in Wangaratta.  I have not been to Wangaratta for over 3 years.  We actually travelled to Wangaratta ..... yes ....... we really did !!!  I put our lovely dog in a boarding kennel and Ern and I travelled to Wangaratta by train.  Of course I was thinking that Ern wouldn't go ..... however, he was going, even if I had to drag him kicking and screaming.

When we got there he was out of his environment but at least he had his laptop and port !!!!

We 4 kids decided that Mum was going to have a party.  35 people enjoyed a very informal and lovely luncheon at the Vine Hotel.  It was so relaxing.  Everyone had the opportunity to say a few words and this proved very entertaining.