Saturday, February 20, 2010


I still say that my darling hubby doesn't look 85 !!!!!!! .... or maybe I am looking much older ....... ummmmm
For those who read my blog, Ern is keeping well despite the hot weather. He walks to the shops, usually with the dog, twice a day - 10am and 2pm regardless of the weather !!!!! (although the dog, Chloe, is not tooooo keen on the hot weather)
Ern's Alzheimers is progressing slowly (thankfully). However, it has come to the stage where I cannot leave him on his own. RESPITE is a 4 letter word ....... (OK 7 letters)
My dear friend, Ellen, organized with Kate (his daughter) to look after him, here in our home whilst I go to Harrietville. This was done unbeknown to me ...... I just cried when I found out. I am now counting the "sleeps" until Harrietville.