Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Postie has been busy

The postie sure has been busy delivering parcels from overseas.

Nastasha from Connecticut sent me this lovely thankyou gift. I was her SP9 "angel", something that I really enjoyed doing. In her parcel were some American "thingies", a lovely red elephant tape measure and a various array of skeins that she had beautifully spun.

Thankyou Nastasha.

These two beautiful baby alpaca and merino skeins were received from Kerry, my SP9 hostess. They were a prize for a competition she held during the SP9 swap for the most beanies knitted for charity.

It was lovely to win this competition, especially as I enjoy knitting for those less fortunate than myself.

Julie, my OSSPE friend from Colorado, surprised me by sending this parcel. The photos in the Colorado calender are absolutely beautiful.

Julie drumcarded hand dyed lincoln .... now I have to decide how to spin it to its best advantage.

Thankyou Julie for your thoughtfulness.


Susan said...

Congratulations on your lovely gifts Viv. You are so sweet stepping in as an Angel, but then I know that you are a sweet person, and that is something you would do unquestioningly.

Spinayarn99 said...
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Spinayarn99 said...

Susan, you say such lovely things ....thanks