Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Not So Secret Pal 9

Last Sunday afternoon I had a very pleasant visit from my "not so secret SP9 Pal" Sue. Remember, last month I sprang her whilst she was delivering my parcel.

This month I was at a neighbour's home when Sue arrived unexpectedly. Ern had to ring my neighbour and say that there was someone to see me .......

Sue's lovely gift was a beautifully knitted
Elann Inca shawl and matching cloche ....... she is so clever with her knitting needles. The shawl and cloche will certainly be warming during the winter months

....... and tucked inside the shawl was a yummy packet of Black Forest Fantasy Tim Tams (a limited edition ...... indeed limited ..... they won't last long in this house!!!!!).

Thankyou Sue for being such a lovely SP9 Pal ...... not everyone can say that their SP's personally deliver their gifts.

1 comment:

Sue H said...

And I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. Now I'll just have to find another excuse to visit with you.