Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Aussie Knitters Dishcloth Swap

The Aussie Knitters Yahoo Group ( recently held a Secret Dishcloth Swap. Today the postie delivered a parcel from Antoinette who lives in Canberra (

Inside the parcel were three lovely dishcloths (beautifully knitted) and a bar of olive oil soap. Antoinette had written in a lovely sheepy card. I guess that she has read my blog and knows that I am a spinner and that I like to collect sheepy things. The grey, blue and lavender dishclothes are just too nice to be used as dishclothes and in future will be used as facewashers.

Thankyou Antoinette for your generosity.

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Taphophile said...

Glad you liked them. :) I tried to get keep in with Project Spectrum colours but couldn't bring myself to send white as a dishcloth. The card I bought recently because it summed up how many of we spinners and knitters feel about what we do - and it was a sheep.