Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Spin to Knit January Parcel

I recently received a very exciting parcel (treasure chest) from Barbe St John, my Spin to Knit Pal. Barbe is a mixed media artist and a very clever person to say the least.

Hidden beneath the pink tissue paper was a treasure trove!! So what was in the treaure chest you are asking?

There was a fantastic coiled skein made of Falklands wool with coccoons of dyed Targhee. It had been plied with a glow in the dark thread and the coccoons were plyed into coils.

At the beginning of the swap, Barbe asked me if I wanted a CRAZY yarn or something a bit more tamer. Naturally I said CRAZY PLEASE .... and I certainly have not been disappointed. I really am so excited about getting a skein of coiled yarn, especially one that has been spun so expertly. Anyone can spin a tamer yarn, but a coiled yarn ..... this is special ....

Please have a look at Barbe's web site: www.barbesaintjohn.com - you won't be disappointed.

Also in my treasure chest were bags of dyed romney staples, "PollyPay" and a beautiful watermelon coloured batt of wool & mohair (I think). There was a small skein of black sparkley yarn and a little bag of purple stuff (in Australia we call it glitz).

And the last thing in my treasure chest was a lovely orange and yellow braclet made from orange and yellow felted balls.

All I can say is thankyou Barbe and WOW !!!!!

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