Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Xmas Saturday Sky

Happy festive season to everyone who reads my blog ...... and even to those who don't read it !!!

After weeks of abnormally high temperatures for this time of the year, it is quite cool today. We even had some rain last night, which was a welcomed relief. The rain has brought some relief for the terrible bushfires that are still burning in our country.

I have 4 metres of mulch to spread ..... today looks as though it is going to be a good day to do it. It has to be done because we still have months of hot weather to come.

My Christmas shopping has been done ..... food, presents, presents and presents ...... is there anything else?

A lovely thing happened during the week. I set up a webcam on my mum's computer but it wouldn't work. My sister Lyndy fixed it and there we were having a lovely time on the computer seeing one another. Whilst this was going on, I had a parcel delivered. It was my Christmas present from my sister ..... so I was able to open it (only the envelope ..... not the contents) and she was able to see me doing this. I felt she was actually in the room with me. What a wonderful invention.

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Susan Hird said...

Web cams are great, and so is the voice chat facility on MSN instant messenger. It will be even better once my Aunty in England figures out how to answer, lol.