Sunday, December 24, 2006

My SP9 Pal was SPRUNG !!!!

Last month, my SP9 Pal who lives in Dandenong delivered my exchange parcel ...... today she did the same thing ...... except this time Sue was SPRUNG!!!

I was walking through the loungeroom when I saw someone walking up to the front door ..... and oh boy, was she looking guilty! I realised that it was Sue my SP9 Pal delivering my December parcel. Would I let her get away with it, or would I say something ....... oh well IT IS a secret exchange, and secrets are made to be broken.! So I called out "SPRUNG" and invited Sue for a cuppa. We chatted for about 2 hours, as though we have known one another for years but haven't seen one another for a long time.

Ern took the photo of us .... (the 2 guilty SP9 pals who have been sprung)........ Sorry Sue, I should have had your parcel in my hands ...... instead it is under my Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas Eve ...... hope everyone has a lovely Christmas Day .......

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