Saturday, December 16, 2006

Spin to Knit a Saturday Sky

4 metres of Euc mulch (!!) has been delivered and is now ready for us to spread on the garden. Euc mulch is finely ground eucalyptus. It has a beautiful smell when it is wet ..... and that is the reason why we got it. We are in drought conditions and can only water the garden every second day. We would just love to have some rain.

The terrible bush fires are still burning - 42 homes have been razed to the ground. I do feel so sorry for them - the week before Christmas. As can be seen in this photo the sky in Melbourne is blue ........ no smoke haze ...... still be have our home !!!

Spin to Knit Exchange
This morning I received the details of my Pal in the first-ever Spin to Knit Handspun Secret Pals Swap organized by Interweave Press. Her name is Elizabeth and lives in the USA. I thoroughly enjoy these swaps .....

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