Friday, December 15, 2006

The Malawi Project

This photo of jumpers was taken from the web For more information go to this site and follow the link to "The Malawi Project" then Knitting for African AIDS Orphans.

The Members of the Handweavers and Spinners Guild of Vic have rallied and have been busily knitting these jumpers. Even my mum has knitted quite a few.

The jumper pattern is very easy and the one size will fit different age groups, as there is quite a bit of give in the pattern.

Here is the pattern for the Aids BabyJumpers :-

Knitted all in one - double knit wool is ideal (8ply)
Size 5mm needles (tight knitters)
Size 4.5mm needles (loose knitters)

Cast 44 stitches
Work 18 rows in K2, P2 rib
Work 30 rows stocking stitch
Cast on 12 stitches at beginning of next 2 rows,
at same time change to K2, P2 (for sleeve)
Rib 22 more rows
Next row: Rib 21, cast off 26 stitches, Rib 21
Next row: Rib 21, cast on 26 stitches, Rib 21
Work 22 rows in K2 P2 rib
Cast off 12 stitches at beginning of the next two rows
Work 30 rows stocking stitch
Work 18 rows K2 P2 rib
Cast off

Please stick to pattern ‑ This has proven to work well.

Stripes and bright colours are fine.

A big thank you from the tiny babies of Africa.

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Susan Hird said...

It's great to see so many people knitting for the Aids babies in Africa. Several members of our Lions club have taken the project on, and we deliver our jumpers to a lady in Cranbourne, Vic, to send on to the charity.
Take care, and happy knitting.