Sunday, December 10, 2006

Saturday Sky

What a hot day it was today ... and so appressive! It has been an extremely busy week for me and I am looking forward to Sunday to just sit and do nothing. This photo was taken from my sister's house in Wangaratta.

Last Saturday, Sunday and Monday I went into the Guild for the Certificate Spinning Assessements. The students' work was mindboggling ..... and this is their first year. The assessing was time consuming but well worthwhile just to see their achievements. I am very proud of them.

On Tuesday I went to Wangaratta to visit my mum. My sister and her family also live there. I was there until Friday lunch when I came home. There are terrible bush fires around them and in other parts of Victoria. The smoke was so thick, it actually looked like a pea souper fog. The next few days will be quite a worry for the fire-fighters. We desperately need the rain - not the 39-41C days with the north winds.

Today (an extremely hot Saturday) it was on the 7.30 bus/train/tram into the Guild for the last meeting of the year. The Certificate Weaving students graduated from their 2 year course. These students produced such beautiful work. I don't weave, but I certainly appreciate the work that they put into their pieces.

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