Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saturday Sky

This is the dome of Flinders Street Railway Station in Melbourne. Isn't it just beautiful? The photo was taken at 8.45am on my way the Handweavers and Spinners Guild.

Today the 2006 Certificate Spinning Course students handed in their work. The assessments began later in the morning of flax and cotton. What stunning work!! Some of the students have only been spinning for 1 year. Of course, as the Teaching Convenor I must say that our Tutors were excellent ...... and of course the students were brilliant!! I am very proud of all the students and what they have achieved this year.

They have another year to complete the Course. Judging by the standard of the work here today, at the end of 2007 the students will all have exceptional talents in a wide field of spinning techniques.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I go in again for the assessing of worsted, woollen, silk and other protein fibres. It will be a long and rewarding day, but one that will not be rushed. The students deserve our time and attention to their folios and samples.

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