Monday, November 27, 2006

A Hat or two ......

These are two hats that I have just finished knitting for the homeless at St Mary's House of Welcome in Melbourne. I do quite a few hats and scarves over the year for them and also for a women's refuge that I support.

The blue hat was knitted in 2ply handspun, using white merino tops and then dyed. This hat has a garter stitch border at the bottom.

The multi coloured hat was knitted in 1 ply handspun merino tops which had been randomly dyed. Note the slant in the body of the hat ....... this is because I knitted the hat before I washed the handspun single .... this is called an "energised single". This hat was knitted on a circular needle and has a turned up brim.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could make something like this, I cant find any of my hats from last year and until I learn am going to have to keep buying them.

Susan Hird said...

Well done, you have done a great job. I like hats, and have knitted a couple over the years. Keep up the good works knitting for the homeless and women in crisis. As a Lion it's nice to see others volunteering their time and labour to help others.