Saturday, September 01, 2007


Sorry I have not been in the land of "eblogland" but things got a bit beyond me. However, I am here now, so if anyone is still reading my blog I am back !!! I must admit I had trouble remembering my password!!

Today being the 1st day of Spring, I thought what better way to post to my blog. This photo shows the beautiful red flowers of Great Eastern Camillia against the beautiful blue sky .... ahhhhh ....... Saturday sky!!

Earlier today, Chloe and I went to doggie school ..... yes, we are still attending. Both of us are doing very well!!! Then Kate came for lunch - for Father's Day tomorrow (Kate is working tomorrow).

Ern and I are both well, although Ern's memory is not so good and I am putting on weight !!!


Kristeen said...

So glad you are back and doing fine!!

Sue H said...

So good to see you back in circulation. Sorry to hear that Ern's memory is failing more, but I'm sure he's still coping with it with his usual humour.
I too have put on weight, I think I'll really have to get back to Derryn Hinch's diet as I found that one worked well and was easy to keep at.