Saturday, September 29, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME ........ he he he

...... mmmmmm .... lets see .....

I had a birthday !! So what did I do for it??? Well it just happened to fall on a Certificate Spinning Class day where I was co-tutor with Carmel. It had been Carmel's birthday a fortnight before. Carmel is such a quiet, considerate person who does just so much for her family (I think they might take her for granted). So I organised a birthday cake with Happy birthday Carmel and Vivien on the top. The cake suited the fun day that we had planned for the students.

During the spinning class, we broke all the rules the students had learnt over the 2 years. We made a "fibre sandwich" which was broken into 16 portions. The students were to spin and ply their portion in whichever way they felt like it ...... !!! The students are just so lovely and clever ...... even some of these roughly spun skeins from the fibre sandwich balanced !! Oh how clever!!

TODAY the weather is dull, dull and even more duller. We actually had rain yesterday - YEAH ..... none today so far ....We are in desperate need of so much more.

Chloe went to doggie school ..... and was the star pupil today ...... Again, I was hoping that we would all get soaking wet training our dogs. Nope, I came home dry !!

It is the football Grand Final Day today - Geelong v Port Adelaide. At the time of writing this they are into the third quarter and Geelong is miles in front. It has been 44 years since they won their Grand Final.

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Sue H said...

Well, Geelong went on to win (of course, was there any doubt by the end of first quarter?), the Victoria also won the soccer that day, and got the hat trick when Melbourne Storm beat Manly in Rugby League.......yeah Vic's, way to go.