Monday, January 01, 2007

SP9 December Parcel Contents

My SP9 Pal Sue has certainly spoilt me and I thank her so much for her generosity. After her being sprung leaving the package at the front door, I was eager to see what was in the box. I contained myself, and opened the box on Christmas morning.

Inside the box each item was individually wrapped. It was so exciting, I felt like a little kid opening Santa's presents. ('Cause I have been a good girl this year ..... I really have!!)

... and this is what was inside the parcels. A beautiful pair of handkitted sox, made from Knit Picks yarn. They are so lovely on my tooties!! ..... bring on winter !!!

There were 2 balls of Crystal Palace Yarns (Aran Print 100% wool) in a beautifyul mulberry/pale blue colour; two balls of Sugar and Cream Cotton (red/green/blue/dark cream in colour and the other one in greens/blue and mauve colourings; a face washer and Christmas talc..... yes there was even more ...... a lovely cream dishcloth/facecloth (it is far too nice to use on dishes!) AND a delicious Glace Christmas Fruit cake (yummo!). There was a lovely handmade Christmas card with all of this ..... I wonder if Sue made it? Thankyou Sue for my goodies, you really are a generous SP9 Pal.


Susan Hird said...

Yes Viv, I made the card........but not the cake. lol

Spinayarn99 said...

The card is beautiful and the cake is yummo!!!