Monday, January 22, 2007

Creating and Spinning a Fibre Sandwich

Each year the Handweavers and Spinners Guild of Victoria conducts "Summer School" during January. This is two weeks of different workshops, not necessarily to do with spinning or weaving.

I was the tutor for a "Creative Carding and Spinning" workshop. My dear friend Ellen was my wonderful assistant.
We created a "Fibre Sandwich" in the morning. I lay a sheet down on the floor and we all proceeded to lay various fibres onto it. We used wool, mohair, alpaca, baby camel, flax, cotton, bombyx and tussah silk and glitz. Then I sprinkled cut up cotton threads on the top - they looked like sprinklers on top of a cake!!

After the "Sandwich" had been completed Ellen and I divided it into portions and we put them into brown paper bags. The bags were tossed around and then handed out to the students. I thought this was the fairest way to distribute the "Sandwich".

It was a very interesting session, with some students spinning worsted and some spinning woollen. Most of them pulled the fibre directly from the brown paper bag and spun as it came. To make the day easier, I supplied commercial thread to ply with.
Don't the skeins look yummy and good enough to eat!!! It was a fun morning and everyone enjoyed themselves.....

There is more to a fibre sandwich than just bread and filling !!!!!


Moorecat said...

... and best of all, it's not fattening and lowers your blood pressure to boot :D

Good to see results from the school; will there be more on the show and tell table in Feb?

carrie said...

I'm so glad to see you passed the technique along! It looks like so much fun to do this in a group setting, I hope to get to try it myself someday.

Taueret said...

fun and beautiful results!