Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Catching up with Photos ....

In Dec, I took part in the first Aussie Knitters Swap. My swap partner was Donna from the Blue Mountains. She sent a beautiful pale blue baby alpaca mobius which is so soft and wearable ..... in fact I can't wait until the winter to wear it!! She also sent a beautiful red candle, not only smelling devine but it lovely on my Christmas table.

Now I must tell you what happened when I received Donna's parcel. I was so excited that I wanted to let her know straight away that I had received it. She didn't forward an email or blog address ..... so I thought I was being clever when I looked at the Aussie Knitters database and sent an email expressing my delight and thanking her for her generosity. Can you imagine how I felt when I received a return email from Donna in NSW saying that the mobius sounded just devine but unfortunately SHE didn't send it ....... there must be two Donna P's in the Group !!!


Julia (my OSSPE Pal) sent me a lovely surprise package before Christmas. And indeed it was a lovely surprise.

She sent samples of Shetland, Wensleydale, Karakul and Teeswater/Wensleydale fleeces. These are types of sheep/fleeces which are unavailable in Australia. As a spinner it is really exciting to get these samples. Due to strict quarantine restrictions in Australia, they had been processed. I keep looking at them, just like a little kid in a toy shop! ....... and there was more ..... Julia sent packages of Koolaid and Great Value powder drink mix. These are wonderful for dyeing wool ....

Julia thank you for sending this lovely box of goodies. I had to smile though, on the outside of the box on the Custom's label, the koolaid/powdered drink packets had been circled in red!!! ???

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