Saturday, November 04, 2006

Saturday Sky

My brother Darryl plays Pennant Lawn Bowls for Box Hill RSL and today they were playing the Ringwood Bowls Club. Ern, Mum and I went and saw him playing. He played quite a good game. How lawn bowls has changed ..... years ago it was played mainly by the elderly. Now the players are all ages, some being extremely young.

As can be seen by the colour of the sky it was a rather dismal day. It was cold and it looked as though it was going to rain.

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Susan Hird said...

Wow, how things can be different just a few kilometres away. It was nice and warm over my way, and the sky was quite clear for most of the day. It became overcast late afternoon, and it tried to rain a couple of times. It also cooled down considerably then too.