Friday, November 24, 2006

November SP 9 Gift to Canada

It took 13 days by airmail for my SP9 parcel to reach Canada ...... it must have gone by seagull!! (at least it didn't go inside a floating bottle ..... cause then, it would have taken forever !!!

My SP9 pal said that she likes knitting baby things ...... so I included a few balls of baby wool. Mind you, I didn't send a baby pattern book.

I send Jenn this lovely sock book. It has some lovely patterns in it. The Knitscene Magazine had some wonderful patterns, and I thought she would really appreciate them ...... this magazine caters for the younger/trendy person.

These gifts went inside a knitted and felted bag. I used some of my handspun wool to make the bag.

Jenn thanked me by email and I hope she really did like her November parcel.


Anonymous said...

I loved it:) THANKS SO MUCH.

Susan Hird said...

Looks like a great gift. I love the sock book, and will have to see if I can find it.