Sunday, October 01, 2006

Silk Scarves

I was an assistant tutor for silk spinning. Ellen was the tutor. These are my scarves that I spun and knitted for the display/sample table for the 3rd class.

From the left:
. Blue wool and sari silk handcarded together;
. Two black alpaca scarves. I handcarded throwsters and sari silk with the alpaca.
.Underneath the black scarves is a blue wool scarf plied with grey reeled silk.
. The fawn scarf is alpaca and wool blended together with white throwsters silk.

The 1st class was spinning silk caps. We began the lesson with the students knitting straight from the silk cap. That way, they got the feel of the cap.....then they spun it.....

The 2nd class was spinning Bombyx and Tussah silk.

The 3rd class was spinning "waste silk". This is a wonderful session, as it includes throwsters (white and dyed), noils, pulled silk waste, reeled silk, recycled sari silk and whatever else we can think of. I even shredded an old silk scarf and carded the silk with some wool fibre.

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