Saturday, March 05, 2011


Yesterday I had such a lovely surprise telephone call.  Jeanette and Joy were going to meet me at ????? yes ..... at Allan's Bakery ...... and bring Ern  ..... be there at 10.30am

When I/we get there, Rosemary was there also.  They had met her in the shopping centre and said she had to come for morning tea.

It was lovely to catch up with them, friends from the past, friends whom I hadn't forgotten and whom I often think about.  We were all in the Kilsyth CWA together.

We had our coffee and much laughter (and some tears) and were about to leave, when another friend from CWA lingered outside the shop, then decided she was going to take something home for lunch.  So Betty and the rest of us had lunch there and then .....

..... in the meantime, Ern had joined us, couldn't stand our chatter and laughter and waited outside the Bakery with our dog Chloe ....... geez Ern, go home !!!!   No he wanted to wait for me ...... oh isn't that nice??  Yes he did eventually take the dog home.  Come to think of it, I think Chloe took Ern home !!!

I really did enjoy the morning (and avo with the girls).  It was wonderful to catch up on their families ..... how the time flies by ..... kids grow up so fast !!

Thankyou Jeanette, Joy, Rosemary and Betty for making me laugh, cry and remembering the good times we once had.

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