Saturday, September 18, 2010


What a lovely way to celebrate Spin In Public Day2010.    
 I live in Kilsyth, an outer eastern suburb of Melbourne Australia. My husband has Alzheimers Disease, so I very rarely leave the house alone. So how was I going to participate in "SIPD"? To make things worse, the weather looked as though it was going to rain.

So I went down to my local shopping centre and did some handcarding in the car park !!!!! This caused some amusement amongst the shoppers, especially as we have a retirement village nearby and we are a very "sedate"suburb.   I carded some lovely BRIGHT pink, orange and lime green rovings.

Then I ended up at our local bakery (Allan's Bakery Kilsyth - ) and whilst carding there, enjoyed coffee and delicious blueberry pancakes.
Allan's Bakery do the best decorated cakes I have seen - modern and tradional). 
What could make for a better day ....... my two favourite thingies ....... fibre and food ........ hehehehe


Knitspingirl said...

OH NOOO! I missed WWSIPD!!
Glad to see you keeping the spirit alive & well. Those pancakes look yummo too.

Spinayarn99 said...

Yep, those pancakes are really yummo ... and talking of food .... now I am going to get my fibre sandwich on the go, using the bright pink, green and orange rovings.