Thursday, September 16, 2010


Yes, it has been one week since our our heater installation debarcle.  This photo shows some of the dust left AFTER the tradesman left.

This is part of  an email sent to AGL - and to be fair to AGL I have omitted surnames.

One week has gone by since Ben **** came to install the gas heater. Apart from ourselves, our family and friends have been appalled by:

• Ben's incompetence - especially cutting the live wire without turning off the mains power

• his inability to communicate with us regarding the amount of dust involved and the need to cover furniture, electrical items and other items

• no apology from him regarding the dust covering expensive Nikon camera, computer equipment, TV, video equipment and others

• his failure to leave our home in the same state as he found it when he arrived to do the installation

• for sternly telling me "THAT WE WANTED IT FITTED!" when I said that I was cross about him not covering the furniture

• his apparent lack of respect to us as customers of AGL Assist

• his apparent lack of respect to the company he works for

Ben Lombard is NEVER to come to our house in the future to service any of our gas units.

I am disappointed that AGL Assist Bayswater did not endeavour to send Ben back immediately to clean up his mess which was left, nor to check if the gas heater was working correctly. In fact Jack and Pat only came on Monday afternoon to check on the heater, after my telephone conversations with Nicole and Christine from AGL.
And I am disappointed with AGL Bayswater for not contacting me since last Friday (not even acknowledging my email/photos sent to you). A courtesy call would have been appreciated.

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