Tuesday, June 22, 2010


These skeins were all made from the same fibre source - a mini-fibre-sandwich!!! I spun three bobbins and then plyed each with a different coloured commercial plying thread. I used black, pink and blue. I seem to use black alot when plying.

Pink isn't really my favourite colour to spin, however, as I continually tell others .... "spin outside your comfort zone (OCZ)". When I spin pink, I always think of Joan D from the Guild - a lovely lady who doesn't like spinning pink.

A couple of years ago, I gave a workshop on colour blending at the Guild. In the morning session I asked each participant which was their favourite and least favourite colours. These were then written on a white board ...... BUT that wasn't the last of it !! Oh no ....... just before the lunch break I handed each participant a length of roving in their least favourite colour and told them that after lunch they had to spin it !!! hehehehe

So then, after lunch just as they were about to spin their piece of roving, I told them I had changed my mind and that they weren't required to spin it at all ..... they could keep it and use it anyway. (what a mean thing to do to your students!!!!)

My exercise was to get the participants to "think outside their comfort zone" .... and for them to think how they could spin something they didn't like. hehehehehehe

To conclude ..... they all used their "hateful" roving during the afternoon's session and created some lovely skeins. (BTW: Joan D was a participant and I had anticipated her "pink"answer)

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Moorecat said...

Hi Viv -

Good to see you blogging again regularly - and to see you back at your wheel!