Monday, October 08, 2007

Dolly has a sister

My Uthando dolly now has a sister and a baby! My three dolls will be sent off tomorrow to the Uthando Project Co-ordinator.

I have already started knitting another l-o-n-g scarf for the homeless. I am using acrylic yarn, 14 stitches and 10mm needles. This is one way of using your stash and helping those less fortunate than ourselves.


Kristeen said...

They are so adorable. What a caring person you are.

Sue H said...

Lovely dolls. I've been meaning to get around to knitting some, but haven't done a lot of knitting lately. Think it might be something to do with being at home all the'd think I'd get more knitting done, but no. Over in Perth at the moment, and now itching to get some needles in my hands.