Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Dyeing Day

Saturday was not quite a typical Melbourne autumn day .... it was too warm! This photo was taken about 5.30pm and was showing some rain clouds.... we had a few spots and that was all. Oh when is it going to rain??? I decided to dye some fleece before it did rain.

The Handweavers and Spinners Guild of Victoria will be conducting a workshop later this year. In preparation for it, some of the girls are dyeing English Leicester fleece. I chose to use Landscape dyes - Madder Orange; Tomato (red); Wattle (yellow) and Wattle sprinkled with Opal (lime green). I don't use precise measurements, just a couple of teaspoons of dye powder ..... ummmmm is that enough? oh well just a little bit more. The same with the vinegar I add to the water, a splosh or a splash ..... whatever comes out !!!! The colours speak for themselves.


Anonymous said...


The colours are fantastic!!
I will say a little prayer that you get some rain soon.

Your SP10 Pal

Sue H said...

Very vibrant and summery, will be great as I don't think summer is ever going to leave us.

Sue H said...

We got our wished for rain yesterday (21st) and wasn't it a good drenching?

Mandie said...

I love dyeing English Leicester locks, they seem to grab the colour. I love your colours - great dyeing!! I hope to be able to attend the Guilds Dyeing workshop one day....when my babies are older :-)