Saturday, March 31, 2007

This is No Saturday Sky Bandit

My darling Ern had a BCC cancer removed from his nose. He went into hospital for overnight surgery, but had to stay in for an extra day. The cancer was deeper than originally thought. He has quite a big bandage on his nose (although the photo doesn't show it). The stitches come out next week, so it won't be long before he looks like my knight in shining armour once again.

We have had beautiful rain. Not an aweful lot but was so lovely to hear it on the tin roof. The plants seem to be reviving and the lawn is getting greener. From now on we will only be able to water the garden on Wednesday and Sunday from 6am to 8am. Not long ..... so I hope it absolutely teems down with rain.

Over the last couple of weeks I haven't written anything ..... so now I have some catching up to do ..... I have a few photos for you to look at.


Anonymous said...

I hope your dear husband is feeling well. My father had come cancerous spots removed from the top of his head a few years back and I know it is not an easy thing. Ern looks very well and happy in the picture.

I have sent you two emails in the past week but I am not sure if you are getting them. I really hope you are so if you could let me know for sure that would be great!!

Have a great week!

Your SP10 Pal

Sue H said...

Poor Ern, but at least a BCC is the least invasive of all skin cancers. Hope Ern is feeling his old self again very soon.
I look forward to seeing your photo's.