Sunday, March 04, 2007

I am still here!!

My hard drive died so I got another one built .... more memory ..... more speed ..... more trouble .....!! This new one has Vista ... and there have been a few teething probs. My computer man has taken it away and will bring it back when it behaves itself. So it may have Vista still on it or he may re-install XP and then reload Vista in a few months when some of the bugs have been ironed out.

I rather like the Vista system ...... it is so similar to my Apple laptop ......

When I eventually get my hard drive back I will post my Saturday sky photos and others.

At least I am not suffering computer withdrawal systems ..... As long as I have this laptop I can keep in touch with my blog, yahoo groups and mail etc.


Sue H said...

At least you have your laptop. When my computer went south I was totally lost as I have only the one. Really must get another though as #1 son spent all day today on mine, and I asked him at 10PM to get off in 30 minutes so I could use it........he was still on at 11PM so I told him he was a selfish sod and went to bed. Don't know what time he eventually got off.........and HE has the gall to sound aggrieved when he comes home from work and asks me how long I'll be on the computer. Between him and Ron, I have to use the PC in the middle of the night. lol

Terpsichore said...

Glad to hear you are in the process of recovering from computer woes. My DH's PC finally crashed beyond all hope a couple of months ago, so our household is all mac-based now.

I have spun the possum/merino you sent, and it's lovely! I had to spin it directly from the plastic bag, because the dog was convinced there was someone new and wonderful to play with in there. She's not done that with any other fibers. Silly dog...

We are finally getting a bit of warmer weather. March is typically our snowiest month, though, so I can't put away the snowshovel yet. I do have 3" tall daffodils by my porch, and it's wonderful to see something besides snowdrifts. Are you starting to cool off yet?