Sunday, February 04, 2007

Project Spectrum

I am participating in Project Spectrum. Each two months (beginning February) there are 3 chosen colours to stimulate our creativity. We can use these colours in whatever manner we like, eg, spin, weave, knit, crochet, weave, paint, construct, scrapbook, sew, traditional/non traditional crafts, cook, grow, collage, photograph or bake.

I plan on using these 3 colours with my spinning and dyeing. Like my "Fibre Sandwich", I want to think outside the circle, and be more creative. I also want to use these colours in my photography (which I know isn't great!). Perhaps I can learn to conquor Photoshop ....!!!

The colours are:
February/March Blue White Grey
April/May Green Yellow Pink
June/July Red Black Metallics
August/September Brown Orange Purple

Now I have officially started ..... I am using 2 of Feb/March colours - blue and grey.


Moorecat said...

Maybe for your June/July project you could take inspiration from your entry on 29 January...

Susan said...

i considered taking part in that also, but thought it was too hard to think of both specific colours AND projects. lol