Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Secret Pal 9 (SP9)

The 15th October saw the beginning the Secret Pal 9 exchange. This is an international exchange. We exchange a knitting related parcel in November, December and January. I am looking forward to participating in this exchange. I asked if I could exchange with someone overseas. I have been lucky enough to exchange (or should I say spoil) Jenn in Montreal Canada.

Sue from Melbourne will be sending me my parcel. In fact, Sue has relatives in my nearby suburbs..... we are the same age and our favourite film is Brigadoon. Jenn from Canada is a 21 student and is probably saying "Brigadoon??? when did they make that film?????"

Brigadoon is such a magical musical ....... The moral of this film is, if you believe in something..... stick to it !!!

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