Friday, July 07, 2006

My One Skein Exchange Secret Pal lives in Colorado

Through Interweave Press I am participating in a One Skein Secret Exchange. The idea is that I send a skein (ball) to someone and another person sends me a skein. It's like a round-robin. This happens in June and the same in July. Then in August we send our Pal a small article made from one skein. The person I am sending to is Julia who lives in Colorado. Chrissy from Harlem New York sends me something.

I sent Julia a skein of Margaret Stove ultra fine merino wool. With it, I also sent her some lovely alpaca/silk in the brown tonings. The sheep card that I wrote on was made by Daphne, a very talented lady.

At the same time, I sent Chrissy in Harlem some lovely blue/green merino/silk top processed by First Editions in Euroa.

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